Founded in 2017 and based in Singapore, Morchlo Pte Ltd specializes in business intelligence through the use of distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our mission is to be the leading distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions provider for Singapore's public sector.
With over 30 years of experience in delivering successful solutions, our team is ready to deliver your enterprise's digital transformation.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology has revolutionised the way enterprises collaborate on the same information. With this technology, events are recorded with absolute certainty and this eliminates the risk of fraudulent data manipulation; Ultimately streamlining business's processes and increasing productiveness.
Through the use of Distributed Ledger Technology, enterprises can automate their business processes and generate new opportunities otherwise impossible previously.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an ubiquitous term today and it is used to greatly reduce business overheads and increase productivity. We create models of varying complexities that make sense of your data to generate critical business intelligence.

Machine Learning

Machine learning, used in conjunction with statistics is able to identify and discover data patterns; generating predictive analysis and actionable insights.
Today, it is widely regarded as a core tool for decision making and it can be found in a wide variety of applications such as facial recognition, social media, search engine refining.

Business Intelligence

Morchlo specialises in digital transformation; proposing more effective means of data acquisition, structure, storage and analysis. Information is priceless when transformed into meaningful insights and useful datasets for business decision making.
Morchlo is committed to listening and understanding your business needs. Reach out to us for to start your digital transformation journey.